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Next Generation's Love

Updated: Jan 2, 2022


Smile lines are an organic novel

The greatest gift beside your byline

With each new crease a chapter read

Another day to enjoy the sunshine

Vertebrae a shelfback that narrates time

As quaking hands turn pages close

Moving slower, savoring faster

Passing on what you love most

Winter to spring, rebirth is here

A novel reminder that brown is alive

Gathering, growing, and saplings ensue

All pieces in place made to thrive

A baby’s cry completes the story

The sequel tale bookmarked anew

While jasmine blooms on midnight’s doorstep

Legacy left swiftly as you withdrew

Eclipsing ellipses, the adventure continues...

A waxy seal denoting farewell

Old age departed, and yet it continues

Springtime’s youth bound to a spell

She’s here, she’s here, and all can attest

Now sleep, dear winter Queen, you deserve your rest

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