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I write because it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. Born with curiosity and burdened with ambition, I've gone from an overseas student to a Case Manager to a professional storyteller. Through it all, I am, and always will be, a writer. 

I come from Cuban refugee grandparents a step removed from my heritage – removed, but never forgotten. Audiobooks are on a constant loop as my mind is voracious.Wordplay is at my core, with rhyming my metronome. Let's see what we can play together.

The creative and unconventional intrigue me. Storytelling forever has my heart as a way of unlocking human potential and compassion. Because when we feel, we grow. We empathize. We discover. My personal "why" for what I write: heartfelt truth through mindful discovery. My poetry is meant to reflect those lessons we must endure to find the beauty in being broken. Many times, we discover that we're not broken, but just reformed into something else. In Japanese culture, instead of discarding what breaks, they fuse the pieces together with gold. This practice is called kintsugi. To value the newer version of ourselves, imperfections and all, is what I help others remember about themselves. Their own power.

Explore with me as I chart the stars and break plates. 

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