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CASE STUDY: WEBITMD Boosts Organic Blog Traffic 230% in 2022 with Shelby Catalano

“Shelby’s content is of a higher standard than we received from previous solutions, including content production houses.”


WEBITMD is an agency of marketing and sales experts that partner with organizations worldwide to help them reach their growth potential. Their unique Growth Stack approach offers an end-to-end marketing and sales solution to fuel radical growth for businesses of all sizes – both B2B and B2C included.

  • Client: WEBITMD

  • Industry: Marketing and sales

  • Products/services used: Full-suite inbound marketing partner offering sales enablement, content marketing, and brand expertise to businesses for more than 15 years.

  • 2022’s results:

    • 27% total increase in organic traffic

    • 20% traffic growth month over month

    • Contact to customer rate of 11% across all blog posts

    • December’s total monthly organic traffic grew almost 3X compared to 2021


"We are a small team and most of our internal resources are dedicated to serving our clients. As such, we found it difficult to maintain consistency with our own content marketing but didn't have enough work to justify a full-time hire. We tried a few different solutions but were not satisfied with the quality or depth of the writing. Having worked with Shelby in the past, I knew she was both a talented writer and a subject matter expert in our field. I have not been disappointed in the 2+ years that we have been using her services. Her work has directly contributed to our agency's growth." -Andrew Copeland, Content Strategist

  • WEBITMD is an inbound marketing and sales agency that helps clients reach their growth potential. Combining marketing strategy and tactics with sales technology and training, it subverts the typical client/vendor relationship with its Growth Stack to boost results together and own marketing campaigns and execution.

  • While WEBITMD performs phenomenally for its clients, there’s always been a pain point dedicating the same amount of resources to its in-house content marketing and blogs. They set out to make a concerted effort around boosting organic traffic to draw in more leads to the business.

  • The lack of consistent blog posts and resources were slowing down organic traffic and creating a wider pipeline of qualified leads between marketing and sales.


  • WEBITMD’s team sought me as a freelance writer based on my expertise and scheduled a call to further discuss the details and specifics for ongoing blog posts, including word count, volume, and required research for each blog post.

  • WEBITMD trusted my prior branding and content expertise for marketing agencies, B2B, and B2C clients. This made me extra marketable to write for their own content, whose audience of small to medium-sized business owners I’m very familiar with writing to. They ultimately decided to proceed with my services due to the dynamic experience I carried, as well as providing collaborative and expansive ideas of how to continuously upgrade their content as I went.

  • WEBITMD went with my blog-writing services, opting for 500-700 words in length for each post (with flexibility to increase on a case-by-case basis). The frequency varied between 3-5 posts per month.


“Shelby is more attentive to our brand voice and style than other writers we have worked with. Her work is always formatted correctly and aligned with our SEO and brand guidelines.” -Mattan Danino, Founder & CEO

  • 27% total increase in organic traffic. This is attributed to a few things – using a consistent brand voice builds rapport with your target audience, so my specialization in branding led to considerable gains in traffic.

  • 20% traffic growth month over month. To grow business, organic blog traffic is a huge differentiator. By leading with an informative, easy-to-digest content approach, visitors were able to find and gain value from my content pieces. As a result, it grew their trust and rapport with WEBITMD, and traffic increased. The more robust your content library is, the better impact your SEO has on attracting people to your website.

  • Contact to customer rate of 11% across all blog posts. While conversion rates vary by industry, of course, the higher this percentage, the better your chances of increasing sales. This is directly related to the quality content on the site over a period of time that led people to entrusting WEBITMD to solve their problem.

  • December’s total monthly organic traffic grew almost 3X compared to 2021. In content, we always say that efforts compound, and this is a perfect, real-world example of this.


“Shelby has never missed a deadline in the nearly two years we’ve been using her services, and is both responsive and communicative for every assignment.”

Due to the overwhelming success of WEBITMD’s content marketing efforts with me, they’re planning to continue this trajectory, with options to diversify content types and visual imagery.

Interested in achieving these results in your content marketing efforts? Please contact me for more information on your content marketing needs with a free 30-minute discovery call.

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