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My Swan Song

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

No death torments more

As the tune of true love lost

Woven harp strings taut

Takes its toll and pays the cost

Plucking fingers bloody

As the sounds become muddy

He left me staccatoing words

I thought about many things

Did he just give up on me, I thought?

As I loosened all the strings

Was there no choice left?

Has this song been reduced to theft?

The asexuality plucking, a crescendo

Hurtling notes, cutting cords

Strings popped; untethered

As he whispered haunted words

He begged me for sex

And just like that, the matter put to rest

Rejection plays its final refrain

My heart strings, yet he wants brass

Snapping all my plans in half

A love never meant to truly last

I say goodbye, I end the song

Love songs like this were never long

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