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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

As a woman, I revel in undesire

Smearing lipstick off my face

Removing the sheen of politeness

And all my sense of grace

As a woman, I refute your fantasies

Donning sweatpants and crooked teeth

I’ll open my legs and take up space

Without worrying what’s underneath

As a woman, I’ll yell too loud at parties

And refuse to wear a bra

Crow’s feet scampering with laughter

As I cherish every flaw

Yet as a woman, I’m tired

At always being cajoled

Being seen as a thing to be had

And an object to be controlled

I am a woman. I am me.

No man can never change that

Despite my rage or body fat

I am my notoriety

Undesire is my red ribbon

I cut it every day

I release this pain and expectation

Because I was born this way

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